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Dec 9, 2012 8:00am PST
energy bill. especially if you turn them off when you are not using them. when you turp off the light, turn those off, too, so, you can use them if a way that will save you money. >> what about flameless candles, with the batteries you have to use. you can use a flameless candle for a night light, it lights something, yes, it is safe and you don't have to plug anything in. what about the batteries? >> yes e. batteries are not a good thing to throw away. you have to dispose of them properly and there are greener batteries. it is good to buy the ones that last a little longer even if they cost more so you can extend the time before you have to throw them away. >> what about tinsel, glitter and stuff like that? >> you don't want to buy stuff you will toss at the end of the season. it is a wasteful time of year for americans. between thanksgiving and christmas there is 20% more waste. >> aren't we the most wasteful planet in the world, anyway? >> yes. and during the holiday seven we have 20 more tons of landfill material per week during the holiday season. >> yes. if you put your live tre
Dec 30, 2012 8:00am PST
webby awards talks to us about her latest film "engage." i'm susan sikora, and that is on "bay area focus" next. . >> i have never seen so much zeros before. >> that is why it's a big >>> welcome to the show. i'm susan sikora. as the new year starts, hoping for world citizens to just get along and worked unselfishly to help others may seem idealic and impossible. doctors without borders would disagree. since 1971, they have been doing just that. take a look. >> reporter: every year, more than 23,000 people for doctors without borders or msf from around the world, are committed to providing emergency medical care and relief supplies to millions of people in distress in nearly 65 countries. this is possible thanks to the financial support from more than 3 million individual donors worldwide. msf is a private, non-profit humanitarian organization created in paris in 1971 by a group of doctors and journalists. now, an international movement, msf provides impartial help to people in need without discrimination and independent of political powers. all branches of the msf movement share th
Dec 2, 2012 8:00am PST
bunyan's power allegory teaches us all the hazards and hopes of the christian life. pilgrim's progress: journey to heaven is perfect for homeschoolers as a witnessing tool or just for great entertainment. to purchase your dvd of pilgrim's progress: journey to heaven please call 1-800-854-9899. that's 1-800-854-9899. ask for offer k-435. >>> the following is an important message from the national weather service. the national weather service in the san francisco bay area issued a flash flood warning for sonoma county in western california, this includes the city of petaluma. from 540time a.m. pacific standard time. and national weather service doppler radar and automated rain gauge indicate sharp highs is producing flooding on the wildo grief and sand hill park. the indicated county, a flash flood warning means that flooding is occurring or is umnent. the runoff from heavy rainfall will cause localized flooding of small creeks and streams as well as roadways under passes and low lying spots. don't attempt to cross the water flowing or of unknown depth. it's important for camper
Dec 23, 2012 8:00am PST
. >>> good. i am your host, brenda wade. i it is holiday season. but it is a sad time for all of us. the friday newtown, connecticut shooting raises so many questions, so many feelings. how could this happen? how do we celebrate the holidays in the face of grief and loss? here to help us understand and heal, we welcome back our dear friend reverend perry lane with the interfaith circle. >> thank you for having me here. it is a pleasure. >> we need you. now, how do we wrap our heads and hearts around what happened in connecticut? >> it is difficult to do that because there is such pain. i think we have to feel the pain. sometimes we need to it is with the hurt or it is with the anger or it is with the disease and then let it move us into positive action. >> yes. >> so, i think people should not race to move from it, but to it is with it and ask, what would god have me do? >> yes. and you know, i can't agree with you more. from my other hat as a psychologist, one of the most important things for us to do is integrate feeling. we live in the don't feel culture. let's rush on, drink, ea
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4